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The Center of Strategic Studies is unique. We operate under special circumstances and have special needs. CSS was formed as representing the interests of the international defense industry across the world and truly encompassing all aspects of defense operations from purchasing to maintenance, logistics to strategic management dedicated to maximizing the performance of individuals and organizations.

Aiming to reinforce and promote best practice and high standards in the industry, the institute is an impartial organization offering services internationally in support of businesses and professionals within the industry.

Our approach to training and development is designed to ensure that our participants become capable of adopting up-to-date skills to work in today's modern, diversified economies across the widest range of Industrial and Service sectors. We are committed to continuous improvement in our training standards and practices through cooperation with distinguished local, regional and international universities in addition to achieving more foreign accreditation by internationally qualified bodies. We design and deliver the best quality training to meet the changing and growing needs of the employers.

CSS offers qualifications with a uniquely flexible format enabling industry professionals to tailor studies specifically to achieving personal objectives and gaining internationally recognized qualifications.

Gaining international recognition and certification for your courses supports the growth of your business and your brand. CSS can provide accreditation and certification, acting as an endorsement of the courses you provide; upon completion of a course, participants will receive a CSS certificate in recognition of their participation in the program.

The Center upholds the mission to promote professionalism and excellence in the defense industry in:

  • securing recognition and accreditation from the relevant authorities and industries for its courses.
  • creating neutral platform for diverse interest members and defense professionals to learn from one another through networking  exchanges.
  • Contributing positively to standard developments by grooming and retaining talents in the defense industry.



Center of Strategic Studies (CSS) exists to promote exceptionally high standards and offer the highest quality, industry focused services in defense management worldwide. Supporting the achievement of excellence in defense operations, CSS not only allows individuals within the field the opportunity to have prior achievements officially recognized but delivers qualifications in a groundbreaking format.

To meet the growing demand for flexible qualifications, the Center has developed a large network of high quality strategic partners and approved delivery partners worldwide. Our mission is to equip individuals, businesses and the wider industry with the skills and knowledge to ensure maximum return on investment.



As a distinctive feature of a holistic approach to experiential learning, industry practitioners will continue to form the Center pool of expertise to impart knowledge and facilitate sharing of experiences and skills. The learning outcome drives towards skilled and productive logisticians who will then help promote and sustain Singapore as a premier logistics hub.

CSS is an organization whose focus is to promote workforce participation and encourage engagement with education and learning. CSS  recognizes the importance of an individual’s aspirations and the need to match these aspirations to the right opportunity.



CSS remains attentive to clients’ needs and differentiates itself by ensuring that all of its services deliver significant benefits and value to its clients. Communication, loyalty, engagement and retention are hallmarks of CSS’s service delivery. In an ever changing environment CSS is open to achieving its objectives through the development of strategic alliance, business partnerships and adapting to emerging markets.


WE are different


  • Flexible – in meeting our customers’ needs
  • Listen – to what our customers’ needs
  • Cost effective accreditation – qualifications from recognized establishment
  • Tailored study routes ensure skills focus
  • Flexible unit options across all sectors
  • Engage with the industry in the development of our courses


the benefits

The practical real life experience which underpins the courses means that delegates return to their organization with the ability to implement cost savings and efficientcis. Course Presenters are given by senior consultants and experienced industry specialists who use real-world examples from their own experience and knowledge.

our expertise

CSS’s expertise lies in the following areas:

  • Identifying training needs.
  • Content development for industry-related training.
  • Customized learning solutions.
  • Practical ICT skill Learning & Development.
  • In-house training.
  • Public seminars and conferences.
  • Conventions and event management.
  • Human Resource and Logistics consultancy.
  • Finance – Islamic & Conventional.


OUR highlights include

Experienced professionals, specialists and pioneers with vast knowledge in defense trade, shipping line, logistics, ocean freight, supply chain management, freight forwarding, warehousing, manufacturing, port operations, CRM, software development.

  • Provides practical solutions for quality HR, Finance, Maintenance, Personnel Development and Logistics.
  • World class Management Consultants and Corporate Trainers for International Logistics & Trading giants.
  • Highly trained Human Resources provider for the defense industry.



The Training Center has a variety of facilities including:

  • Training Rooms
These are purpose-built rooms for training sessions and can accommodate up to 28 participants when both rooms are utilized (16 people per room). All rooms come equipped with white boards and projectors. A full range of audio-visual and training equipment is available.
Flexible room configuration allows for the accommodation of most learning needs.

  • Computer Lab
The facility is equipped with modern computers in a simulated office environment. The facilities infrastructure allows for the delivery of most IT applications.

  • Broadband Internet Access (WiFi)
A "Wi-Fi" is installed throughout the Center to enable participants Internet access from any part of the center. The service allows participants connection to the network with their own wireless gadgets to ease with the course requirements or to connect themselves to their beloved families and friends.





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